Project Overview

Lightfoot Travel is a luxury tour operator with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai, specialising in designer holidays to countries spanning six continents around the world.

The Lightfoot Travel team came to us with an old system which was extremely slow as it was not cloud based. With offices in different locations, they did not feel the system was scalable.


Lightfoot Travel


Salesforce CRM


Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai

The Challenge

  • Slow system that was not cloud based
  • Each office required different processes and access rights
  • Limited scalability
  • Inefficient quoting and tracking process
  • Manual enquiry creation and management
  • Uncertainty over margins and hitting targets
  • Payments could not be taken online

Our Solution

  • Dynamic Itinerary builder to easily create quotes for any destination easily and efficiently
  • Online booking form to allow management of payments from anywhere in the world and associate it with the correct account
  • Real time reporting ability on open leads, finances and company projection
  • Ability to create and manage suppliers, exchange rates and margins in order to accurately and quickly calculate prices and supplier costs
  • Holiday Enquiry page to easily take necessary information in order to create a lead that can be addressed efficiently
  • Invoice generation for both internal payments to suppliers and client payments
  • Automated client communication
  • Supplier management

The Results

  • Maximised productivity
  • Solutions delivered quicker to clients
  • Data management efficiency
  • Reduced administration time and costs through dynamic Itinerary Builder
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Financial accuracy due to real time reporting and the ability to create and manage both supplier bookings and client payments
  • Global scalability with automated and customised processes for each of their offices including payments and client communication

What Lightfoot Travel said

With our solution there has been 100% increase in client satisfaction since their clients can now make the payments towards their booking online and much more!

"The Salesforce solution has revolutionised our business processes and increased productivity significantly. We felt we were drowning before our solution and since the new solution has gone live, bookings have been flying in and the entire team has been buzzing!”
Simon Cameron
Founder & Managing Director

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