Salesforce is a powerful platform and there’s no doubt about that. But research has proved that many companies struggle to leverage its true value.

  • Only 31% of companies reported user adoption of 90 percent (Accenture)
  • 47% of companies reported serious challenges with user adoption that often put projects in jeopardy (AMR Research)
  • Lack of user adoption is cited as the primary cause of 70% of failed CRM projects (Forrester Research)

So, how do you make Salesforce something your employees are excited about and not a boring set of mandatory tasks that they have to perform?

How do you get them to realise the potential of a powerful CRM like Salesforce and how it will help improve their performances?

How do you ensure highest level of Salesforce user adoption to maximize your investment?

Motivate your employees. Incentives and rewards are a proven way of engaging and encouraging people to perform and don’t forget to bring in an element of fun.

At Appssential we have been mapping together the aspects of motivation and fun and arrived at the concept of gamification. Tipster is the result of that experiment.

Here is how it can get your employees powered up withTipster.

Learning is funTipster Users can view guides set up for specific tasks, layouts or processes from within Salesforce as it is fully integrated. You can make these guides as context and user sensitive as you want because you have complete control over them. After going through the guides the users can answer quizzes set for those guides. The users themselves can evaluate their knowledge and if they are unhappy about their scores they can go through the guides again and retake the quizzes.

Tipster-guides1Challenge you users – So your employees say they know their way around Salesforce? Give them a way to prove it and be rewarded for it by setting up challenges. Through Tipster you can put together a set of quizzes that we call Challenges and send it to the users and the Leaders Board will get updated based on their performances.

Reward them when they perform – When a user does well on a challenge he or she will get a special place on the Leaders Board along with a title. The management can use the Leaders Board as a platform to assess the level of engagement and competence of the users and reward them accordingly.

Tipster-awardsLeverage on peer pressure – The Leaders board is a public affair. Everyone sees who is better at what and no one wants to be outdone by their peers. This creates the motivation to go through the guides, learn and score Tipster points.

Tipster is now available on AppExchange.