Delivering memorable holiday experiences and making each guest feel valued are the fundamental ingredients to success in the  highly competitive travel sector.

With industries like retail using technology to deliver targeted, personalised messaging to build brand loyalty, the modern traveller’s expectations of individual service have changed in recent years.

Today’s traveller is accustomed to having relevant information readily available through their mobile device, they expect instant personalised communication from their holiday provider and a seamless service that does not stop after booking.

For those companies who have embraced this travel technological revolution, they are reaping the rewards of increased customer loyalty, improved customer satisfaction and growth in a competitive market. We know this to be true because we have helped our clients enhance technology, and specifically cloud technology, to achieve these results.

What we have also learnt is that customer service does not stop after the booking has been made, or when the client gets on the plane at the end of their holiday. Building a customer for life requires engaging with them at numerous personalised touch points, to ensure they feel valued and supported every step of the way.

By utilising technology, it is possible to achieve customer satisfaction throughout the journey with their holiday provider, without investing in more resources… in fact our clients not only achieve increased bookings, but also reduce staff and administration costs!

Tech can give a travel company tools to understand their guest’s needs to a far greater level, in order to give them exactly what they want. The right tech can increase conversion rates and repeat bookings. Providing companies with detailed reporting and analysis functionality empowers them to invest in targeted marketing and products to deliver the best ROI – the right tech again here is critical.

Of course, there are tech options already in the sector, but when we try and use them together, they feel disjointed, create multiple log in layers for users and don’t bring all the data together.

We’ve been delivering bespoke solutions on Salesforce for years now and believe we’ve hit upon the right ingredients – and the right mix – to create a truly inspiring tech solution to help drive both customer and client success.

We have fine-tuned and enhanced cloud technology to ensure that the travel industry needs are met, and exceeded. And as a result, we’re proud to be launching our new framework, Sugati, at the Travel Technology Europe 2016 event in London. Sugati is the accumulation of years of practical travel experience delivering exception holidays, coupled with creating back office technological systems to ensure a personalised customer journey.

Find out more:

Visit us on stand 132 at Travel Technology Europe and see Sugati for yourself, or ask us for a personal demonstration and overview by one of our enthusiastic and experienced team members.