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The Sugati travel technology solution is a CRM for both tour operators and travel agents. This CRM is based on top of the #1 CRM in the world, Salesforce. Our Salesforce for travel agents offers many exciting features to help your business in the key areas of sales, marketing, finance, support and operations. Read below for full details of how Sugati can help your travel company to achieve market success.

contracting with Sugati Travel CRM


Manage your sales team and gain up to 30% efficiency with our travel CRM solution

The Sugati CRM solution allows you to manage your sales team and monitoring sales performance. In addition to that, you will be able to generate accurate reports to measure efficiency and ensure they are kept up to date. This helps your travel agency or tour operator to keep on top of your sales pipeline. You can also automate sales tasks as well as assign reminders so the sales process is smooth and efficient


Control your expenses and stick to your marketing budget

Manage your marketing and communication strategy within the Sugati Travel CRM system. Set up campaigns, set targeted keywords for SEO and automate your Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns through Sugati CRM solution. Stay constantly updated about your marketing results (leads, campaigns planned and ongoing, attractive keywords) by receiving an automatic report that gathers all the key metrics we are looking for. In addition to that, integrate your Marketing tools such as MailChimp and manage your leads entry easily. 

Sugati Travel CRM for Marketing
Support with Sugati Travel CRM software


Sugati Travel CRM solution supports your after-sales process

Sugati Travel CRM software supports every single one of our clients. We are making sure holiday itineraries have accurate information such as flight changes for instance. Send Final Letter pre-holiday on Sugati and get in touch with Suppliers by sending Arrival Reports for example. Our native Salesforce travel platform for travel agents is full of key travel features responding directly to your travel needs.


Get paid faster with Sugati Travel CRM software

Our travel CRM solution gives you a better overview of your financial statements. Get up to date on overdue payments, ongoing deposits and payments received. Set up automation rules for your suppliers’ invoices, set reminders and be on top of your financial flow. Create a long and loyal relationship with your suppliers and clients as well as succeed with technology!

Sugati travel CRM solution for Finance
Sugati Travel CRM for your operation team


Work closely with your operational team and don’t make a loss

Work closely with your team, make their life easier and your customers happy. In addition to setting up an item checklist, you can also assign them to special trips. Inform suppliers of accommodation and activities of your clients’ special requirements. Keep your clients on track with flight time departures as well as weather conditions.