end-to-end technology for the travel sector

Sugati integrates key travel functions to make every step of every journey easier to manage at every stage of every process both front of house and behind the scenes.

Sugati Travel CRM is a premium travel software. We offer a feature-rich, customisable and easy to use travel CRM for the travel trade. Sugati is the Salesforce Travel CRM for tour operators, travel agents, cruises and luxury holiday sellers and we provide flexibility and control over every step of the journey with customers, colleagues and suppliers. We help travel businesses to succeed with technology.


Our travel agent software helps you to reduce overheads associated with staff training, response handling, sales pipeline management, contracting and negotiating.


Our travel technology, build customer relationships that deliver repeat revenue. Provide excellent service and experience management during sales, holiday and post-sales phases.


Integrate all areas of travel business functionality for smart reporting, actionable insights, smarter processing and a happier team on Sugati, the best travel agency software.

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What is Sugati? The Innovative Travel Technology 

Sugati is built on the number one CRM in the world, Salesforce CRM platform. We offer CRM software for travel agents and tour operators. Sugati Travel CRM helps you manage all of your business processes, from handling enquiries and building travel itineraries to taking payments and managing commissions with suppliers. In other words, Sugati Travel, based on top of Salesforce, helps travel businesses to face existing challenges and succeed with travel technology.



Easily implement your Tour Booking Software to your travel business

We work closely with you to create a Tour booking software tailored to your individual business needs. Customisable and easy to use travel CRM, Sugati delivers service requirements for travel agencies and tour operators. We also offer the option to add bespoke features and integrations. This aspect is actually the most exciting part of the project! 



Industry experts. We have designed the future-proof Travel Agent software

Using the Salesforce Platform, we offer generic features such as Reporting tool, Lead, Account and Opportunity management, Task management and many more. In addition to that, we provide a Travel layer enabling your Sales Agents managing the 6 steps of your customer journey: Enquiry, Quoting, Booking, Pre, During and Post Holidays. Sugati is a feature-rich Travel Agent software and we constantly strive to be creative and innovative. 



Our Travel CRM integrates with many technology solutions

In order to get a true 360-degree view of your customers, Sugati enables you to integrate with various technology solutions. In turn, this allows you to streamline the overall business processes. We know for a fact that Travel Agents and Tour Operators use dozen travel technologies, and this is why providing a fully integrated solution enables you to gain more efficiency. Should you wish to use your Travel App, Accounting System or Integrating your website to your CRM, Sugati Travel CRM makes it possible.



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