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Find out about the latest technology news, industry trends and developments, as well as Sugati CRM, the software for the travel trade, enhancements and new features delivered by our expert team.


Sugati is more than just a CRM solution. It’s a comprehensive travel management platform designed to streamline every aspect of your travel business, from dealing with enquiries, putting together proposals, itinerary planning,  booking management to customer and supplier relationship management and financial tracking.

Sugati and Salesforce have formed a strategic partnership to provide Tour Operators, Travel Agents and DMCs with a seamless and integrated solution for managing their operations. Sugati is a Salesforce Independent Service Vendor (ISV) Partner and our solution runs natively on the Salesforce platform. Through this partnership, Sugati leverages Salesforce’s powerful CRM and AI capabilities to enhance its own travel centric features and provide customers with a best-in-class travel management platform.

For Sugati to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce for enhanced CRM and AI capabilities, businesses need Salesforce licences.

The specific Salesforce licence type required to integrate with Sugati may vary depending on your organisation’s needs and existing Salesforce setup. Our team can work with you to determine the most suitable license type for your requirements.

Yes, Sugati offers robust functionality to handle both FIT (Free Independent Traveler) bookings and Tours with set packages. Our platform allows you to easily create and manage customised itineraries for individual travellers as well as group tours. In fact, all of Sugati’s existing clients sell either exceptional FIT/Bespoke holidays or Group holidays.

Absolutely. Sugati supports both B2C (Direct) and B2B (Agency) bookings, enabling you to cater to a wide range of customers and business models. Sugati’s built in processes meant that users can easily recognise repeat bookers and forge a stronger loyalty with both direct customers and travel businesses.

Currently, Sugati offers flexibility in generating itineraries, allowing you to generate them in various formats such as PDF, HTML, or on mobile apps.

Yes, Sugati provides Financial Dashboard which shows:

  • Client Payment
  • Booking Cancellations
  • Consultant Commissions
  • Outstanding Payments
  • Supplier Payments (Paid/Due) and
  • Supplier Invoices

Outside of that, Sugati supports integration with a wide range of third-party Accounting products, allowing you to extend its functionality and customise your workflow to suit your specific needs. Our clients tend to use Xero, QuickBooks, Accounting Seeds, Sage and so on.

Yes, Sugati harnesses Salesforce multilingual capabilities and offers multilingual support to use the product, allowing you to cater to clients and partners around the world in their preferred language.

Yes, Sugati offers robust user management features, including profiles, permission sets, custom permissions, and roles, allowing you to control access to sensitive data and functionality within the platform. In a nutshell, you can limit what each user group (marketing, sales, operations and finance) can do and see.

Yes, Sugati offers powerful automation capabilities using the Salesforce Flow feature, allowing you to streamline repetitive tasks, saving you time and reducing manual effort. Here is more information about how Flow works on Salesforce.

Absolutely. Sugati features a dedicated supplier module designed for storing and organising all supplier-related information such as contact details, documents, contractual rates, and more. Moreover, you can establish supplier payment rules for individual suppliers, enabling automatic reminders and queuing of payments. It provides a comprehensive supplier database to monitor all suppliers along with their communications and transactions.

Yes, Sugati provides access to pre-loaded data and integrates seamlessly with third-party products and services to enrich your content and imagery, ensuring your offerings are attractive and up-to-date.


Yes, Sugati recognises that travel companies may operate multiple brands. Our content and itinerary engine allows you to store and manage content specifically for each brand, presenting it in beautifully designed itineraries. Additionally, Sugati can create branded documents for invoices and any other materials that need to be presented to both end customers and agency clients.

Sugati’s Trip Planner/Itinerary Builder is highly customisable to meet your needs. We understand that your clients travel to unique locations for memorable holidays of various holiday types. Our itinerary engine allows you to create any holiday itinerary components and present the information in your brand’s tone and language. You won’t need technical assistance to create new holiday components, fields, reports, email templates, or even automation rules. Sugati makes all of this possible with ease.

Absolutely. With Sugati, you can predefine the currencies in which your customers and agencies can pay you, as well as the currencies for paying your suppliers. You can regularly update exchange rates to protect yourself from currency exposure. For tours, you can preset the selling prices in different currencies, ensuring a seamless and efficient transaction process.

Absolutely. Achieving the target margin for each holiday is crucial. Sugati provides tools to help you monitor and ensure target margins are met. For savvy sales managers, you can set up an approval process, so travel designers cannot finalise sales that do not meet the target margin without specific approval. This ensures financial goals are consistently achieved.

Yes, Sugati seamlessly integrates with Vamoos and Axus. With just a few clicks, you can transfer content from Sugati’s Trip Planner/Itinerary Builder to these mobile apps. This integration ensures a connected and enhanced experience for your travellers, keeping them engaged and informed throughout their journey.

Absolutely. For both FIT/Bespoke and Group Tour Holidays, the system cater to sell for both direct customers and agencies. For the latter, you can set rules to recognise the commission and generate the proposals with correct logos and pricing. For the travel businesses in the UK, our invoices will correctly display the VAT calculation etc.


At Sugati, we understand that being able to perform Marketing functions is important. As a native offering, operational emails can be sent via our solution. As for the Marketing, our clients tend to use:

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Active Campaign
  • MailChimp and so on.

All the plug and play Email Marketing tools as well as additional B2B Marketing App that can be integrated with Sugati can be found on Salesforce AppExchange

Your web forms can be integrated into Sugati and all the tracking of the keywords can be saved in the Salesforce/Sugati. Once saved, your Sales team can route to the right recipient, score, nature and respond back to the potential customers. Please click here to see more information about the Lead cycle on Salesforce.

Sugati is more than a Travel CRM. For marketing so long as all the marketing activity data is saved on Sugati, users can generate marketing reports easily. Some examples of reports that our clients commonly requested are:

  • Campaign Report
  • Incoming Leads Over Time
  • Leads Conversion
  • Expected Revenue by Lead Source and
  • many more

With Sugati, you can store Supplier, What to do, Where to go, Rates, Country and images. Those could be displayed on various customer facing documents at any point in time. You also have 100% control of how the data is stored and backup too.


Yes, with Salesforce Extended Mail Merge, you can generate mail merge Word documents using data from contacts, leads, and other Salesforce records. This enables you to deliver personalised content to prospects or customers in their preferred format. You can also send letters, create labels, or attach merged communications to emails seamlessly.

Yes, you can upsell holiday extras on Sugati. For FIT holidays, the Trip Planner allows you to sell optional extras related to specific suppliers or activities and excursions. For group tours, customers can use the self-service Sugati Booking Form to purchase optional extras for their holidays.

For traditional travel agents and tour operators, providing travellers with premium,
personalised service remains the best way to compete with OTA large scale enterprises.
But in this battle, exceptional service alone is no longer enough. Your greatest ally lies
in digital transformation.


Sugati recognises that client payments trigger a lot of internal processes. We currently supports integration with popular payment gateways such as:

  • Flywire
  • Trist Payments 
  • Ecommpay
  • Stripe
  • Checkout
  • Ingenico
  • Chase Payment

 enabling you to securely process payments for bookings directly through the platform.

Payments made online will have 3D secure challenged where applicable and payments can be set up to have the correct revenue code registered in the system. With Sugati Pay, you can also do the over the phone payment using MOTTO payment.

Yes, Sugati offers a variety of out-of-the-box reports and a financial dashboard. These reports cover everything from client payments (due/received) and client invoices to expense reports such as supplier payments (due/received). This provides a great starting point for your finance team. Additionally, any other financial reports can be easily created using our report builder.

Yes, as long as your existing finance system supports API integration, Sugati can push relevant information directly to your accounting system. We begin with a mapping process to understand revenue recognition in journals and expense reconciliation. Once the mappings are established, we automate the process of sending information from Sugati to your accounting system.

Yes, you can set up an automation rule to receive an email notification or create a task a specified number of days before the final balance is due. This same logic can be applied to supplier payments. Many of our clients also use reports to monitor income and expense payments effectively.

Setting up exchange rates on Sugati is simple. Your finance team can periodically upload exchange rates via CSV or enter them manually. Alternatively, you can use the built-in XE integration to retrieve real-time exchange rates for predefined currencies, enabling sales consultants to produce accurate quotes and bookings instantly.


Yes, Salesforce VoIP integrates seamlessly with Sugati, combining the power of Salesforce’s CRM with VoIP technology. This allows travel designers to make, receive, and manage calls directly within the Sugati interface, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity. Call routing is supported, and dynamic numbers on the VoIP system help the marketing team track campaign performance effectively.

Yes, you can enhance customer engagement and boost productivity with the WhatsApp-Salesforce/Sugati integration. Easily create leads from WhatsApp messages and synchronise message templates. Empower your travel designers with a lightning app and seamless chat capabilities. Click here to watch the integration video.