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The Sugati solution is travel technology designed for tour operators and travel agents. Effortlessly managing your relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Sugati’s Salesforce is packed with brilliant features in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and Support.

Find out how we can help your travel company achieve market success. Details below.


Elevate your Marketing Strategy. Connect with your Clients.

At Sugati we empower your marketing department to deliver a seamless experience to your customers.

Maximise the impact of your campaigns
Sugati’s platform effortlessly integrates with your existing digital marketing automation tools.

Reach the right audience, and optimise your budget.
Sugati efficiently tracks your keywords and Google AdWords spend, and our robust data analytics capabilities let you segment leads and existing customer information. So it’s easy to craft personalised email campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Deliver the right content at the right time.
Sugati’s intuitive reporting tools give you valuable insights, so you can analyse past bookings and compare trends. Now you can refine your marketing strategies by including relevant information in your next mailer, enhancing your customer engagement and loyalty.


Manage your sales team with Sugati. Gain up to 30% efficiency

We’ve built Sugati on the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management system: Salesforce CRM. Our powerful software is specifically designed to manage every area of your travel business, from handling enquiries and building travel itineraries to taking payments and managing commissions with suppliers. Enabling you to succeed in delivering effortless high-touch travel.


The Salesforce – Sugati Partnership

Sugati (and our parent company, Appssential) partnered Salesforce so that we can build beautiful, bespoke solutions for your company, based on the Salesforce framework. We chose this platform because it’s the world’s number one CRM solution: reliable and secure. We’ll offer you guidance and advice on using Salesforce, and all the training you need to use Sugati with confidence.


Give your clients exceptional Pre- Departure Service

Sugati helps you provide outstanding service before your clients embark on their dream holidays. Our platform helps you fill the gaps, so you can upsell holiday extras tailored to each client’s itinerary, ensuring they have everything they need for a perfect trip.

Streamline special requests
Our system makes it simple to process and communicate special requests to your suppliers, guaranteeing every detail is taken care of. Sugati helps you deliver top-notch service, so your clients’ trips are truly special, from the moment they book to their return home.


Streamline Payments with Sugati

Sugati helps you enhance your customer experience with seamless payment processing.

All in One Place
With Sugati it becomes effortless to accept payments, recognise supplier invoices, and queue payments to suppliers. Now you’ll have everything in one place.

Gain Precise Financial Insights
Our platform allows you to measure the margin from each holiday element, every booking, and the entire tour. Financial insights to help you grow.

Manage international transactions with ease.
Sugati also supports multi-currency payments, helping your finance team reduce currency exposure. Sugati provides a connected, efficient experience for your customers and finance team alike.


Manage your sales team and gain up to 30% efficiency with our travel CRM solution

At Sugati we know that delivering holidays is just as important as confirming bookings. So we’ve introduced a Supplier Booking page, enabling suppliers to manage communications with tour operators and travel agents seamlessly. Sugati allows you to share booking-related information with mobile apps like Vamoos and Axus at the click of a button, providing a frictionless experience for your customers and for you, too. Sugati helps travel businesses deliver high- touch travel through seamless technology.


Increase in client satisfaction
Lightfoot Travel


Efficiency with our Travel CRM Solution


Increase in booking and revenue
Mundy Cruising


At Sugati we understand that all travel businesses have different Customer Relationship Management needs. So we’ve created a powerful, cloud-based CRM precisely tailored to your requirements. We’ll design you the best travel CRM software for your technical and operational needs – at a competitive price.

  • A complete solution for travel businesses
  • Designed to be easy to use
  • Bespoke features to meet your needs
  • Priced according to your design

Sugati Travel CRM software provides a customisable and easy to use end-to-end solution for travel businesses. We can create bespoke features
to meet your individual needs, including regular updates and developments.

  • £100 per user per month plus Salesforce license fee applies.
  • Minimum 10 users license fee applied.

Typical Sugati project cost factors:


Salesforce offers a number of editions.
We’ll help you to select the right edition for your travel business.


The Sugati license is a fixed fee.

  • For small and medium-sized tour operators and travel agents, our fee is based on the number of users each month.
  • For enterprise users, we have a tiered license model based on user numbers.


Unique requirements:

This is the exciting part of the project. What’s your dream? How would you like your itinerary to look? How can you stand apart from your nearest competitors? We’ll listen to your particular requirements and produce an estimate based on how long it takes to create it.


Additional Training

We understand users have different needs and requirements. For whatever reason, should you require an additional training, we can offer you additional remote/in-person training.

Seamless technology for High-Touch Travel.

Sugati’s Travel CRM and DMC software organises every element of your trip in one simple, integrated system. Customise it to your needs, and control the whole journey: with your customers, your colleagues and your suppliers. Effortless information sharing. All your communications in one place. Whether you’re a niche operator or a selling high-touch travel, Sugati makes your travel planning effortless. Helping you to grow your business.
Sugati. Destination Happy

The Sugati solution is travel technology designed for tour operators and travel agents, effortlessly managing your relationships with both customers and suppliers. It’s an integrated, seamless system, bringing together key business features: marketing, sales, suppliers, reporting and contract management. This enables you to manage every element of the travel itinerary through flexible intuitive software, improving your customers’ experience and maximising your profit margin.