Is a cloud-based CRM system a good idea?

Why should you use a cloud-based CRM solution, and what should you look for when choosing a provider? If you are still using a CRM solution which requires you to download software to access customer or booking information, I recommend you seriously consider moving away from your system. Gone are the days where you need to download, say, Citrix, to access your server.

A major issue with using software which you need to download is that if your CRM system crashes, you can’t access your CRM tool. Some of our clients moved to Sugati CRM from our competitors for exactly this reason – It costs time, money and productivity every time your system crashes.

The technology market is increasingly moving away from downloadable software. Facebook, and Google, for example, don’t require users to download any software to engage with their solution.

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Our recommendations

So if you want a cloud-based CRM solution, I recommend you make sure you can access your:

  • Marketing data to enable marketing automation
  • Sale data to deal with enquiries, quotes, booking, inventory and supplier information
  • Service information to deal with client complaints and additional requests
  • Client and supplier communities (log in areas) allowing you to engage with your clients and suppliers. The idea is the client can amend their details, make changes to their bookings and view their travel documents. Suppliers can update their inventory, rate requests, monitor their payments and upload their invoices.

This will help you to achieve the best possible levels of success with your travel cloud-based CRM. Sugati is a mid-office CRM solution designed for both travel agents and tour operators. We help the travel trade understand why technology helps the travel sector. If you’d like to learn more about how Sugati can help your travel agency, please request a demo today.