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Data and Storage Resources – Salesforce

Data and Storage Resources – Salesforce

Salesforce listens and it is a win for all of us as clients, partners and the entire Salesforce ecosystem

The reason why we love Salesforce is mainly their fantastic technology platform which empowers SMEs to harness the technologies that used to be readily available for global companies.

For small to medium sized Tour Operators and Travel Agents, affordability of Salesforce is always a challenge. On the surface, Salesforce is expensive. Sugati encounters this problem on a daily basis as a niche ISV partner of Salesforce, that is specialised in Travel CRM technology solution, whenever we try to onboard a new client.

One thing we have been saying to Salesforce really is the cost of data storage. Based on the number of licenses you have signed up, Salesforce will offer 1GB of data storage as a base. For Tour Operators and Travel Agents that carry approximately 5,000 – 7,500 pax a year, 1GB will be sufficient for the first 1-2 years. After that, you really need an extra storage. That’s where the additional expense comes in. An additional 1GB of storage on Salesforce is equal to one enterprise license which is roughly about £1,000 annually. Imagine if you needed 10G of storage, you would be paying £10,000 annually just for the data storage!

Therefore storage on Salesforce is expensive. This is quite understandable because Salesforce not only needs to host the data but also monitor the changes to the data, take a back up, and most importantly ensure that it is secure. We are paying the top price as a result.

Back in the days, to overcome the data storage limit challenge that we have to perform routine tasks of deleting unnecessary records and archiving historical records onto a different server etc… A lot of businesses would rather focus on their core offering rather than doing this mundane task.

New storage facility

However! one good thing about Salesforce is they actually listen to their partners and customers. From the end of March 2019, among many other updates they have made to the core Salesforce platform, and storage facility too, have been updated. This really means Salesforce base level Data Storage offering has now been increased to 10GB from 1GB !!! This is a massive win for all the Salesforce clients and its ecosystem. I suspect this must have come as a result of their deep partnership with Amazon Cloud.

Salesforce must have been taken a huge hit on their revenue from the data storage income. But as and when the core platform that Sugati Travel CRM has built the solution on has made this sort of improvement, it just reaffirms our trust in Salesforce and our professional recommendation we have made for you to sign up with Sugati.

The 10GB storage is more than enough for most of the Sugati’ clients. To check this upgrade has been applied to you:

  1. Go to Set up, 
  2. In the Quick Find, type in Storage
  3. Click on Storage Usage and
  4. You will see the storage allocation for you.

Follow up tasks for you if you are one of those Sugati clients who has bought additional storage in the past, get in touch with your Salesforce AE to remove that from the next billing cycle. Chances are that you will no longer need that extra storage anymore. Otherwise, the contract will be auto-renewed.

Increase in the storage capacity doesn’t mean you should lose the good habit of tidying up your data. Keep your data nice and clean, use Sugati Travel Insight dashboard to understand the KPIs of your business.

Happy belated Easter everyone.

More information about the upgrade can be found here –

In the meantime, if you want to learn from the best travel technology, Sugati Travel CRM, please get in touch. Our team will be delighted to talk to you and understand more about your current challenges and see how you can benefit from our travel software.