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7 ways to increase productivity with Sugati

7 ways to increase productivity with Sugati


Here are seven ways to prepare with Sugati to get ready for the post-COVID era:

  1. Task management. Assign follow-up tasks to relevant consultants. Easily monitor your team’s workload and productivity.
  2. Cancellation and changing dates made easy. With two to three clicks, work out the cancellation charges and deal with the cancellation process efficiently. Better yet, don’t cancel, change the travel dates with a click of a button.
  3. Sugati Travel Insights Dashboard. Know what’s working and what isn’t. All the way from Marketing and Sales to Finance. Use Sugati’s built-in reporting suite to understand more about your business.
  4. Know your customers and send those quotes out. Holiday enquiries are rare these days. Treat the ones that come in like gold dust. Showcase your product knowledge, inspire them with dream holidays and send out branded and beautiful quotes with a view to converting.
  5. Build stronger loyalties with your suppliers. We are all in this together. Suppliers ensure your clients have an amazing experience during their holiday. Know who to talk to at the right time. Provide necessary feedback to them. Arrange those FAM trips. Load the most recent rates and content into the system.
  6. Set up workflow rules to engage internally and externally. Thank you an email, balance notification email, upcoming trip email, welcome back email. Set rules up to engage internally and externally.
  7. Create reports and dashboards. If the Sugati Travel Insights Dashboards don’t satisfy your needs in measuring your business’s KPIs, build your own reports. We provide how-to guides so you can be self-sufficient. Gone are the days where you need to rely on IT experts to build up reports for you.

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