We are pleased to introduce new branded itineraries with Sugati across multiple formats.

Creating stunning itineraries that clients will love and will quickly convert to sales just got super easy with Sugati itinerary. Available across multiple formats, deliver professional itineraries with ease.

Business Benefits
• Create beautiful itineraries in minutes
• Significant Flexibility – customise text, photos, videos, icons and more
• Company branding – logos, fonts, colours, and styles all maintained
• Agency Bookings – white label your proposals and share with other agents
• Increased booking conversions and happier clients

Customer Benefits
• Enhanced client experience with frictionless customer journey
• Interactive Map Functionality – information easy to access
• Excite and entice the clients with their dream holidays
• Easily see ‘Options’ available with real-time updates on itinerary and pricing
• Passenger info (e.g.passports, flights etc)
• Make deposits and pay balance with ease

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