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Magali Déchelette
CEO and Founder

Family Twist arranges memorable, hassle-free à la carte activities and exclusive holidays for families seeking to introduce their children to fantastic destinations in Europe. Our bespoke family breaks include hand-picked accommodation, fun and safe transportation, and many entertaining and educational activities that children of all ages will love.


At Family Twist, we faced a number of challenges which we needed to solve in order to grow our travel business. Indeed, we have difficulty to build a long-term relationship with our customers and turn them into loyal customers. This main point was a real issue for us, as our customers were happy after their trip but didn’t get enough attention from us in the after-sales process, we couldn’t engage with them properly.

Also, our automation process was quit limited. Our commercial proposal production had to change as well, we needed a CRM system in order to reduce our time wasting, as well as mistakes… We want to focus more on the client relationship. The accounting part of our travel business is also a waste of time and our team spent a lot of their time to manage it instead of having a system to automate everything, including the invoicing.

Then our wish was to limit the different types of support and group in a one-stop shop solution. 


After discussing with Sugati team, as well as spent time with them explaining our challenges and exciting issues, we have decided to create some of the different options in the CRM system, as a bespoke solution we found a real customisable solution. Sugati is based on top of the Salesforce system which is a real benefit for us, we can combine generic CRM functions with Salesforce and travel features with Sugati.  The itinerary builder is the most important part of our project and we have opted for a big customisation at this level.


Sugati has been a really good choice for us. Our data in the system is now up to date and all clean. We can target them on time with targeted campaigns. That allows us to build a relationship with our clients as well as our suppliers. The pieces of automation we have implemented in our workflow help us a lot. We are now able to create high-end bespoke proposals in a branded format, and this without wasting our time!

The invoicing process is now automated and the follow up on the clients as well as the supplier’s payment is so easy and fast now. Our vision on our payment balance is clearer and we know what we have already and which suppliers or clients still need to pay.

The results are clear, no more mistakes, a better and faster response time or client forgotten!