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Simon Cameron
Founder & Managing Director

Lightfoot Travel is a luxury tour operator with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and London, specialising in tailor-made holidays to all seven continents around the world. We take pride in the originality of our trips, and a holiday with Lightfoot is guaranteed to be inspired, inventive, and perfectly tailored to suit your needs.


At Lightfoot Travel, we were facing daily challenges with our tour booking system. It was very slow to operate and was not cloud-based, meaning that if the system crashed, everything went down. We were looking for a cloud-based, versatile system to meet our various business needs.

As the company is based in different offices across the world, we needed the platform to be in all offices, with the same interface, multiple access and authorisation. 

We also needed a system which was able to automate everything – something we couldn’t do with our current system. We had to manually create and manage enquiries, producing multiple layers of inefficiency. There was uncertainty over quoting, tracking processes and margins, meaning we weren’t sure if we were hitting our targets. 

Finally, we wanted to integrate payment gateways, which we couldn’t do with our current system.


After the Discovery Process, the team at Sugati was able to fully understand Lightfoot Travel needs. Sugati came up with a bespoke solution for the business. 

Sugati met Lightfoot Travel requirements and developed many features such as:

  • Dynamic itinerary builder to easily create quotes for any destination easily as well as efficiently
  • Online booking form to allow management of payments from anywhere in the world and associate it with the correct account
  • Real-time reporting ability on open leads, finances and company projection
  • Ability to create and manage suppliers, exchange rates and margins in order to accurately and quickly calculate prices and supplier costs
  • Holiday enquiry page to easily take necessary information in order to create a lead that can be addressed efficiently
  • Invoice generation for both internal payments to suppliers and client payments
  • Automated client communication
  • Supplier management


Thanks to Sugati Travel CRM, Lightfoot Travel saw the following improvements:

  • Efficiency gains
  • Increased productivity
  • Better response time to end clients
  • Improved administration time
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced time wasted

We are now able to create as well as manage both supplier bookings and client payments. We have automated and customised processes for each of our offices, including payments and client communication. Therefore we are currently enjoying increased data efficiency as well as a much better conversion rate.


Growth in bookings down in part to the system.


Increase in marketing email open rates.


Increase in average sale due to ability to upsell.