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What should you look for in a CRM solution?

Find the right solution for your travel business isn’t easy!

There are many CRM solutions available for travel agents and tour operators, and it can be overwhelming deciding which is right for your travel business. From our conversations with clients and travel industry experts, we have come up with a list of the key features you should look for when selecting your CRM as a travel agent or tour operator:

  1. Use a cloud-based CRM software to avoid issues if there’s a disconnection.
  2. It matters to clients if their itinerary and other documents look good, so make sure you have the ability to create a beautiful itinerary and other documents that look great (like Sugati can!).
  3. Choose a CRM for travel agency or tour operator that can set up workflows and tasks to make your life easier!
  4. Find a multi-feature, easy to use reporting function to help you to understand your business well.
  5. Use a CRM solution which has pre-defined fields. This avoids confusion and issues if people put in different terms into free type fields, and it allows for easy reporting.
  6. Look for a CRM system which has the flexibility to change setups and formatting, for titles and names, for example. This is easy to do in Salesforce.
  7. Find a system which can take your data through Mailclean automatically, as you can with Sugati Travel CRM based on Salesforce.
  8. Choose a solution which provides instructions on how to handle an enquiry.
  9. Find a solution which has a clear, easy to use interface.
  10. Find a system which integrates with other solutions, such as MailChimp, Salesforce Pardot or PayPal, for example.
  11. Look for excellent customer service! Personalised, friendly and attentive customer service makes a huge difference.

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