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Group Tour Bookings Tutorial

Sugati’s Group Tour Bookings journey streamlines the booking process efficiently. Start by adding passengers to the tour opportunity, specifying room sharing preferences, and adding extras like activities and single supplements. Apply discounts and finalise with client payment. Ensure Tour Setup completion and set Tour Status to On Sale before adding passengers.

Passengers can be existing or new. The system also allows direct group tour bookings via the Sugati platform. It intelligently allocates rooms based on passenger gender preferences.

Only one user can create a tour booking per tour at a time. You have 10 minutes to complete the process; an alert indicates session expiration. Click Continue Reservation to proceed or Cancel Reservation to end the session. Admins can adjust booking time in Custom Settings.

For extended booking time, click the orange timer on the top right corner. Elevate your group bookings experience with Sugati today!

Group Tour Holidays Overview Tutorial

Tour module is an independent module on Sugati. Tour holidays are package group tours with fixed itineraries and departure dates. To streamline operations, create a Tour Template with its itinerary, then replicate Tours. This simplifies the process, reducing the need to recreate tours from scratch. Once created, manage Enquiries and Bookings by adding passengers to the tour.

Utilise Tour Template Setup to input tour details such as destination, price, and capacity. Create tour itineraries using the Trip Planner tool. The Tour Template features a Checklist Library, aiding in tour preparation. After creating the Tour Template, mark its status as “Built” to indicate completion of the setup process.

With Sugati’s Tour module, generating enquiries, waitlists, room allocation reports, and tour manifest reports is effortless. Pre- and post-nights requirements can be added to individual bookings. Additionally, some clients leverage Sugati API to integrate tour booking processes into their websites.

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