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Dealing with Bespoke Holiday Enquiry

The Holiday Enquiry page serves as your portal for capturing new bespoke holiday requests from clients, making it effortless to understand their dream trip requirements.

Within this page, you can convert leads to accounts, create new accounts, or search existing ones to initiate enquiries. Travellers are grouped into Client Groups, with members referred to as Group Members, each linked to respective contacts.

Featuring intuitive question tabs with preset inquiries, this page guides you through gathering essential information from clients. This empowers you to capture detailed requirements and preferences at the bespoke holiday enquiry stage, facilitating the planning of perfectly aligned itineraries.

Additionally, you have the option to send acknowledgment emails directly from the Holiday Enquiry page using branded email templates, ensuring prompt and professional communication with clients.

Ready to elevate your holiday itinerary planning process and deliver unforgettable experiences? Log into Sugati Academy to explore the Holiday Enquiry page and unlock its full potential today, or reach out for a demo!