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Client Invoice Tutorial

When clients book holidays, you create a Client Invoice and send them a PDF detailing the amount due. Deposit rules calculate the deposit based on the Itinerary components, which you can adjust in Trip Planner. Payment Method stores your payment instructions for clients, included in the invoice PDF.

Sugati Brand functionality lets you customise Client Invoice PDFs with different logos and colour themes for various brands or business units. When selecting a brand, the invoice layout reflects the Brand Setting configured for that brand.

With Sugati’s Client Invoice feature, you can generate PDF invoices for clients or agents when booking holidays. This includes Bespoke, Tour, and Agency bookings. Use Client Invoice Field Sets to define displayed fields.

In Client Invoice Settings, select supplier booking record types to show on the invoice page, customising the PDF layout. Information entered on invoices is exported into Sugati’s standard PDF format, which can be sent to clients or agents.

Learn to configure Client Invoice PDFs to display specific sections, choose colour themes, and set up headers and footers. Utilise Sugati Brand functionality to tailor client invoice PDFs with different logos and themes based on brand selections.

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