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Crafting Travel Itineraries Tutorial

Creating bespoke itineraries in Sugati is a seamless process that allows you to tailor each journey to perfection while ensuring accurate costings.

Utilise the Trip Planner feature to begin crafting your bespoke itineraries. Here, you can enter service line items as supplier bookings, selecting the relevant components such as accommodation and excursions. Enter the supplier costs for each booking in the “More” pop-up window. The Trip Planner automatically calculates the selling price for each item based on your supplier’s cost price and your defined costing type.

For suppliers offering contractual rates, you can create rates within Sugati and apply them directly to the supplier bookings in the Trip Planner, streamlining the process further.

Sugati also accommodates different currencies for supplier costs, allowing you to enter costs in a currency different from the booking currency. The system then converts the cost and sell prices to the booking currency using your organisation’s defined exchange rate.

Track the status of your supplier bookings effortlessly with the Supplier Booking Status feature, ensuring smooth communication and coordination with your suppliers.

Ready to create unforgettable bespoke itineraries and elevate your travel planning process? Get in touch to dive into Sugati’s intuitive tools and unleash your creativity today!