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Creating stunning travel itineraries Tutorial

Welcome to creating stunning travel itineraries effortlessly on Sugati. In this tutorial, discover how to turn your travel plans into captivating PDFs that leave a lasting impression on your clients.

The information you input into the Sugati Trip Planner seamlessly translates into an Itinerary PDF. It showcases vital details like itinerary descriptions, images, maps, quotations, inclusions/exclusions, and terms and conditions. Sugati’s Out of the Box offering accommodates both portrait and landscape modes, ensuring flexibility.

Once your itinerary is ready, send the PDF directly to your client as an attachment or via a dynamic link. With dynamic links, clients receive real-time updates whenever changes are made. This ensures timely communication.

But there’s more! Sugati’s Brand functionality enhances Itinerary PDFs further. It allows you to customise the format with different logos and colour themes for each brand or business unit within your organisation. The itinerary PDF layout automatically adjusts based on the Brand Setting configured for a specific brand.

With the ability to customise travel itineraries on Sugati, some clients opt for complete bespoke designs tailored to their unique preferences and branding.

Ready to impress clients with stunning travel itineraries? Get in touch to dive into Sugati’s platform and unleash your creativity today!