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Supplier Payment Tutorial

Supplier payments are pivotal for financial accuracy in bookings. Sugati streamlines this process by providing insights into budgeted amounts, invoiced totals, and outstanding payments. For financially savvy businesses, it offers protection against currency exchange fluctuations.

Using Sugati’s Supplier Payment functionality, managing supplier invoices and payments becomes effortless. You can post invoices, queue payments, and create payment records with ease.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to establish deposit and balance payment rules. These rules trigger automatically when an opportunity transitions to the booked stage, ensuring timely payment processing.

Furthermore, Sugati enables you to handle payments individually or collectively for an entire booking, offering convenience and efficiency in financial management.

By leveraging Sugati’s Supplier Payment features, businesses can maintain financial accuracy, streamline payment processes, and mitigate currency exchange risks effectively. Contact us to dive into the tutorial today to unlock the full potential of Sugati’s Supplier Payment functionality.