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Partnership at Heart

Partnership at Heart

Partnership at heart

APAC has been a region that we have been monitoring to expand our presence into for some time. Whilst we now have an excellent array of clients in Asia, we have never worked closely with our partners in the region.

That changed yesterday. We took the first stride towards the partnership much more seriously and much more visibility in APAC region. We’ve successfully hosted a breakfast seminar with Salesforce for Travel agencies and Tour operators.

We’ve met up with a range of local Tour Operators and Travel Agents. They are not just looking for what’s next in the travel technology but more of how can they realistically serve their customers insure the customers have their dream holidays.

These companies that we have met up are passionate about what they do and how they operate in general. They are also realistic that without adapting onto a new travel technology and more specifically a Travel centric Customer Relationship Management Solution, they may never know their customers needs truly.

A travel technology for all

Most of these agencies are also aware that they don’t have an unlimited budget to keep on top of data security, AI, VR, mobile app and so on. They not only seek for travel software but also for a sustainable partnership. A company like Sugati Travel CRM, which is specialised in technology for travel agencies and tour operators, that can grow with them.

Wowza! is some of the reaction we have got as soon as they see what Sugati Travel CRM can do their businesses and benefits the travel system brings.

We have a bright future in the region. Our local team is going to support every single client nicely in their own time zone.