It’s crucial you automate your travel CRM process if you want to secure repeat bookings and happy customers. Sugati CEO, Tin Aung, explains why. Your end clients are overloaded with information. The last thing they want is to be sent generic holiday offers rather than the type of holidays that interest them. You don’t want to be sending a honeymoon offer to a couple who have just returned from their honeymoon.

Of course, making sure you send the right information to the right people is partly to do with the travel CRM software and partly to do with the underlying data. The principle is to onboard a travel software which has the ability to display a complete journey view of your customer and has an engine to automate user engagement journeys.

Automate your business on Sugati Travel CRM

We recommend our clients, tour operators and travel agents consider:

  1. Enquiry journey – What type of holiday do you want to be sending to potential clients (leads) and retargeting them (with their permission)?
  2. Quoting journey – Once a quote has been sent to a potential customer, how do you track them, remarket to them to remind them of the holiday quote they are reviewing?
  3. Booking journey – This is where your clients are committing to you. How do you deliver that dream holiday, how do you seamlessly remind them of the balance due, how do you send invoice and ATOL certificate and how do you securely take payments?
  4. Pre-holiday space – With the automation engine above, what information do you want to be sent to clients at what point to keep exciting them?
  5. During the holiday – If you choose to, you can still actively engage with your clients who are on holiday by providing timely and relevant information. This is one of the opportunities that you as tailor-made holiday providers can use to make a difference between you and businesses such as, who concentrate on transactional activities only.
  6. Post-holiday – How do you capture your client’s holiday experiences and report these findings back to the product team, sales team and suppliers? This allows you to constantly improve your product or holiday offerings, reduce the administration required to run reports, review feedback and, if necessary, push the data onto a reputation management site such as Feefo.

These factors will improve your offering to the client, increase user engagement and repeat bookings.