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New : Sugati Tour Booking Features

New : Sugati Tour Booking Features

Sugati is proud to announce the new Tour Booking System Features…

Sugati Travel CRM has just launched some exciting new features to make tour booking even better! Every tour operator software is different, and we make sure Sugati is the best CRM for the travel industry, we upgrade our CRM solution for you, considering our clients needs as well as challenges faced by tour operators and travel agents. Here is below some of the features we have recently launched!

Make it easy with Sugati Travel CRM software

Some of the features include:

  • Fixed departure tours: An evolution from tailor-made tours. With this new tour feature, you can set up a tour template, and from this we can clone a specific departure date, to create multiple tours and save you time and effort
  • Tour search: You can search on our tour booking software for a specific tour or for a specific customer. We allow you to customise many aspects to suit your travel agency or tour operator needs – continent, budget, country, nights and more. You can change your customised settings without Sugati doing this for you, making the process quick and efficient as well as perfectly tailored to your requirements.
  • Discount codes: Create discount codes for a marketing campaign, with provisos such as an expiry date, validity for certain individuals only and named codes. You can also offer discount codes in the form of ‘early bird’ pricing, set either as a percentage or as a figure.
  • Manage your waiting list: Sugati, travel CRM, will automatically manage your tour waiting list according to the rules you set. Customers can sign up for a tour on the chance the tour operator will secure more spaces, and either pay a deposit or not according to what you wish to happen.
  • Tour manifest: This is all in one place with Sugati, and with the click of a button, you can send the manifest. With the press of a button, the manifest is generated as an attachment which you can send to suppliers. It’s that easy!

This feature update contains many other exciting new aspects. Get in touch or request a demo to find out more!