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Is Artificial Intelligence the future for CRM?

Is Artificial Intelligence the future for CRM?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly developing and fascinating area, however, how can it be applied to tour operator software, and is this the future for the industry? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t have to invest in AI and your system provider had a built-in AI solution in your travel technology CRM?

A system which has the ability to:

  • Identify as well as qualify leads
  • Work on proposals that can engage actively with potential clients using the language that clients use
  • Emotionally understand client complaints and get back to them to resolve potentially escalating problems

This is already being done by some market leaders. Airbnb used to allow homeowners to set the price of accommodation. They are now suggesting what the prices should be based on what sort of events are happening around where the owners are located. What potential clients are looking at and the rates other owners are setting. This is all done using a combination of AI and data mining.

Artificial Intelligence is the way to go for Travel businesses

The future

Beyond Verbal can detect the tone mode after listening to a conversation for about 10 seconds. This is a potential game-changer in terms of customers and maybe even for marketing too.

You as a travel technology buyer need to ensure that the travel CRM software you are going to invest in must have the capacity for Artificial Intelligence, as this is the future for travel technology solutions.

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