What you will love in Sugati Travel CRM…

Knowing for a fact that the number of travel technology solution providers is growing a lot, we need, as a travel CRM platform, to be different and unique. Being unique and saying to be unique it’s such a different thing, don’t you think? What we would like to say, isn’t how better we are from our competitors, but why we make such a difference. We would like to talk to you about how our clients have been seduced by Sugati, what they do actually like in us. By way of re-introduction, Sugati is a bespoke travel CRM designed mainly for Tour operator and Travel agents. Our clients are all different but very similar in a way. Let me explain why just now. Of course, they are different because they are operating in different countries, sending their clients to different types of destinations, selling different types of holidays but they all have something in common;  they found the right CRM technology for their travel business. But the real question is : Why you would love Sugati more than another CRM solution?

1. Our CRM solution is designed mainly for the travel trade

Being able to meet with travel expectations when features are generally applicable for all businesses seems to me to be difficult. We have designed a travel CRM solution to respond to your business needs. Sugati is born from Tin,  passionate in travel and technology. It was evident for him to create a travel CRM solution to respond to years of questions. You are probably questioning yourself about what are the typical travel features that a travel business needs? For your purpose, we have listed down some of the key features you will find in Sugati just right here.

2. Based on top the number one CRM

We are based on Salesforce, the number one CRM in the world. That means that Sugati is a native Salesforce platform travel solution. We are ISV partners, so we benefit from a cloud-based and trusted CRM solution. We are proud to say that Salesforce is powerful and beneficial to you. In addition to Sugati travel CRM features, you will be able to use features form the best CRM in the world.

3. Our team is fun and professional

That is probably the only reason why you would like to join the Sugati ship! Just kidding… On a serious note, our team is passionate, committed and funny! Like you, we create long and trusted relationships with our clients.  Our teamwork makes your dreams work!

4. We are flexible and we look after you

Part of our values, we always try to find the right and best fit for you. We are understanding and are always listening to you. Sugati is a technology solution provider and is growing really fast. When you jump onto the Sugati ship we basically want you to grow with us. Even when we have implemented our travel CRM solution to your business, we always make sure that we support you and train you all along our relationship. Our customer success team, as well as our project managers, will always look after you.

5. You will enjoy a user-friendly interface

Sugati Travel CRM is designed for travel agents and tour operators mainly. We have designed Sugati in such a way that it will make your life easier. We are focusing on customer experience as much as you are and we know that technology is rapidly changing and our designers are constantly working on new ideas to make Sugati even better.

6. Inventive and Creative

Creativity, that is one of the words you should think about when you talk about us. We know that it’s important for you to see the evolution of your travel CRM solution. You obviously want to be able to find new features and functionalities all along your Sugati experience. In addition to our developers’ work, you as a user and partner will get the chance to talk about your own experience. So, why don’t you suggest new automation or features you would like to see in your dreamed travel CRM software?

As much as a travel agency and tour operators need travel technology CRM to gain efficiency, it’s often complicated to realise that. Think about when you create your different itineraries, you send your quotes, talk to different suppliers as well as deal with multiple currencies, that takes a lot of your energy. For us, it’s important that you feel special at Sugati, that you really enjoy the experience with us and furthermore you become really efficient.

We would love to meet up with you and demonstrate to you Sugati. Sugati means ‘Happy Destination’, we are sure we will find the best destination for your travel business.