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CRM key travel features

CRM key travel features

The key features of a complete travel CRM

From pure spreadsheets to reservation systems and online booking systems, every travel technology system in the world has its core strengths and weaknesses. There are so many travel systems out there too.

So how do you choose which one is right for your business?

Our Chief Technology Officer talks about eight key pieces of functionality that you will definitely need in your travel agent software.

“From my experience in the travel sector and technology in general, I firmly believe the aspects detailed below are the characteristics of a complete travel CRM.”

Use a platform instead of a product

First of all, your solution has to be web-based. But how do you know that a cloud-based travel CRM system is valuable for your travel agency or tour operators? Click here, for the answer.

A 360° customer view is essential to your sales performance

Secondly, make sure you will benefit from a single customer view. Stop using ten different technology solutions and duplicating the same information everywhere. It’s the time for you to consider the 360° view. Let’s talk about this right here.

Automate your sales process easily

Something else. The automation process will be the way the most effective way for you to gain rapidity and efficiency. But what is a true automated CRM software and how does it contribute to your success?

Measure your figures

What about the reporting tool? Measuring your performance and ensuring that the health of your travel business is great is essential! Our marketing team will explain our own experience on a truly user-friendly travel platform. 

Connect your indispensable solutions to your travel CRM

Are you using your campaign manager tool, your telephony solution, your accounting system or a marketing solution? Are you struggling with all these leads sources? Make sure your travel CRM system is using API connexion. In this article, we aim to demonstrate all the connectivity possibilities available with Sugati Travel CRM.

You new travel software has to look like this

Flexibility helps your team to be efficient

One of the key features that a buyer should be looking out for in a travel technology solution is flexibility. Flexibility and back office features are essential to your new travel system and we will explain why here.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t for the others, it’s also for travel businesses

One of the last things, I know that Artificial Intelligence sounds futuristic sometimes, but that is what makes the major difference between the different travel technology vendors. Learn how AI is used in travel technology solutions.

There are other versions after the 1.0. Benefit from it!

And, finally, make sure your travel CRM system is updated regularly. And, of course, that you don’t pay for every release! Here is the last blog article you would like to read. Be sure to make the right decision for your travel agency or your tour operator.

I hope my experience and expertise will help your travel business to succeed with travel technology. This storytelling is really important if you are looking to change your current travel software or opt for a travel technology solution. If you are interested in knowing a bit more about Sugati Travel CRM. Request the first call now by clicking here.