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Supplier Vouchers Tutorial

Supplier Vouchers is an essential tool for enhancing client experience. Supplier vouchers, including Accommodation, Activity, Transfer, and Flight types, are generated from supplier bookings within opportunities.

These vouchers can be saved or emailed directly to clients, providing detailed information on their bookings. Configuration options allow for customisation, tailoring each voucher type to specific needs. Vouchers are generated upon reaching the booked stage, ensuring clients have made at least a deposit payment.

To optimise voucher creation, utilise Supplier Voucher Settings to define components and Supplier Booking fieldsets to set up displayed fields. For agency bookings, personalise vouchers with agency logos, adding a professional touch to client communications.

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Booking Cancellation Tutorial

Trips, whether FIT or Group Bookings, can be easily cancelled with Sugati’s one-click booking cancellation feature. Effortlessly process cancellations and apply relevant fees.

In Group Tour, cancelling a booking triggers fee calculations based on predefined rules. You retain the flexibility to override cancellation amounts as needed.

For Bespoke holidays, cancellation occurs in theTrip Planner. Once cancelled, the opportunity status shifts to “Booking Cancelled,” locking it from further amendments. The system then applies the Cancellation Date. You may then send out the Booking Cancellation email manually or automatically using our automation rule engine.

Your system administrator defines cancellation stages and fee rules before bookings can be cancelled.

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Supplier Payment Tutorial

Supplier payments are pivotal for financial accuracy in bookings. Sugati streamlines this process by providing insights into budgeted amounts, invoiced totals, and outstanding payments. For financially savvy businesses, it offers protection against currency exchange fluctuations.

Using Sugati’s Supplier Payment functionality, managing supplier invoices and payments becomes effortless. You can post invoices, queue payments, and create payment records with ease.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to establish deposit and balance payment rules. These rules trigger automatically when an opportunity transitions to the booked stage, ensuring timely payment processing.

Furthermore, Sugati enables you to handle payments individually or collectively for an entire booking, offering convenience and efficiency in financial management.

By leveraging Sugati’s Supplier Payment features, businesses can maintain financial accuracy, streamline payment processes, and mitigate currency exchange risks effectively. Contact us to dive into the tutorial today to unlock the full potential of Sugati’s Supplier Payment functionality.

Client Payment Tutorial

At Sugati, clients enjoy flexible payment options, online or offline, via cash or bank transfers. Our seamless integration facilitates online client payments through the Sugati Payment form, ensuring security with support for 3DS and MOTO payment types.

This integration ensures correct payees are associated with each payment, including agency payments. For group travel, Sugati allows client payments splitting among individuals.

Once payment is received, the system automatically creates a client payment record, confirming bookings and updating balances. Join Sugati today to optimise your client payment processes and enhance your clients’ booking experience.

Client Invoice Tutorial

When clients book holidays, you create a Client Invoice and send them a PDF detailing the amount due. Deposit rules calculate the deposit based on the Itinerary components, which you can adjust in Trip Planner. Payment Method stores your payment instructions for clients, included in the invoice PDF.

Sugati Brand functionality lets you customise Client Invoice PDFs with different logos and colour themes for various brands or business units. When selecting a brand, the invoice layout reflects the Brand Setting configured for that brand.

With Sugati’s Client Invoice feature, you can generate PDF invoices for clients or agents when booking holidays. This includes Bespoke, Tour, and Agency bookings. Use Client Invoice Field Sets to define displayed fields.

In Client Invoice Settings, select supplier booking record types to show on the invoice page, customising the PDF layout. Information entered on invoices is exported into Sugati’s standard PDF format, which can be sent to clients or agents.

Learn to configure Client Invoice PDFs to display specific sections, choose colour themes, and set up headers and footers. Utilise Sugati Brand functionality to tailor client invoice PDFs with different logos and themes based on brand selections.

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Creating stunning travel itineraries Tutorial

Welcome to creating stunning travel itineraries effortlessly on Sugati. In this tutorial, discover how to turn your travel plans into captivating PDFs that leave a lasting impression on your clients.

The information you input into the Sugati Trip Planner seamlessly translates into an Itinerary PDF. It showcases vital details like itinerary descriptions, images, maps, quotations, inclusions/exclusions, and terms and conditions. Sugati’s Out of the Box offering accommodates both portrait and landscape modes, ensuring flexibility.

Once your itinerary is ready, send the PDF directly to your client as an attachment or via a dynamic link. With dynamic links, clients receive real-time updates whenever changes are made. This ensures timely communication.

But there’s more! Sugati’s Brand functionality enhances Itinerary PDFs further. It allows you to customise the format with different logos and colour themes for each brand or business unit within your organisation. The itinerary PDF layout automatically adjusts based on the Brand Setting configured for a specific brand.

With the ability to customise travel itineraries on Sugati, some clients opt for complete bespoke designs tailored to their unique preferences and branding.

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Exploring the Sugati Travel Image Library Tutorial

Unlock the power of visual storytelling with Sugati’s extensive image library, meticulously curated to enhance your travel itineraries and captivate your clients.

Included in your subscription, Sugati provides access to a diverse collection of professional-looking travel images sourced from reputable providers. Access these images effortlessly by navigating to the Content tab within the “More” pop-up window while assembling your itineraries in PDF or HTML formats.

The system seamlessly integrates with both internal and external content sources, ensuring the selection of the most suitable images to complement your recommendations. With just a few clicks, elevate your travel documents with stunning visuals that breathe life into your suggestions.

Should adjustments to the images be necessary, Sugati offers an intuitive image editor for cropping and editing.

Experience the ease and efficiency of creating captivating travel itineraries that leave a lasting impression on your clients, all thanks to Sugati’s robust image library.

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Crafting Travel Itineraries Tutorial

Creating bespoke itineraries in Sugati is a seamless process that allows you to tailor each journey to perfection while ensuring accurate costings.

Utilise the Trip Planner feature to begin crafting your bespoke itineraries. Here, you can enter service line items as supplier bookings, selecting the relevant components such as accommodation and excursions. Enter the supplier costs for each booking in the “More” pop-up window. The Trip Planner automatically calculates the selling price for each item based on your supplier’s cost price and your defined costing type.

For suppliers offering contractual rates, you can create rates within Sugati and apply them directly to the supplier bookings in the Trip Planner, streamlining the process further.

Sugati also accommodates different currencies for supplier costs, allowing you to enter costs in a currency different from the booking currency. The system then converts the cost and sell prices to the booking currency using your organisation’s defined exchange rate.

Track the status of your supplier bookings effortlessly with the Supplier Booking Status feature, ensuring smooth communication and coordination with your suppliers.

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Dealing with Bespoke Holiday Enquiry

The Holiday Enquiry page serves as your portal for capturing new bespoke holiday requests from clients, making it effortless to understand their dream trip requirements.

Within this page, you can convert leads to accounts, create new accounts, or search existing ones to initiate enquiries. Travellers are grouped into Client Groups, with members referred to as Group Members, each linked to respective contacts.

Featuring intuitive question tabs with preset inquiries, this page guides you through gathering essential information from clients. This empowers you to capture detailed requirements and preferences at the bespoke holiday enquiry stage, facilitating the planning of perfectly aligned itineraries.

Additionally, you have the option to send acknowledgment emails directly from the Holiday Enquiry page using branded email templates, ensuring prompt and professional communication with clients.

Ready to elevate your holiday itinerary planning process and deliver unforgettable experiences? Log into Sugati Academy to explore the Holiday Enquiry page and unlock its full potential today, or reach out for a demo!

Welcome to Sugati Travel Product Data Tutorial

Your travel product data is a rich tapestry of elements, from captivating destinations to trusted suppliers, exciting activities, and even currency exchange rates. In a nutshell, this is what controls your brand tone and what sets you apart from your competitors. Who wants to display the same hotel description sourced from the hotel directly? We know that crafting the perfect holiday experience requires more than just these ingredients. It needs the right blend of personalisation and relevance. That’s where Sugati steps in.

At Sugati, we understand the importance of tailored content for each holiday type. That’s why we empower you to create multiple descriptions for the same locations, activities, and suppliers. This flexibility ensures that every itinerary is as unique as the FIT or Group traveller embarking on the journey.

But that’s not all. We also recognise the need for your internal travel knowledge to be retained and shared among the team members and eventually with the end travellers. That’s why we provide an Errata text feature, which delivers notifications about suppliers, activities, recommended places to visit, and even important travel hubs like airports and stations. This information is readily available in the “More” pop-up page of our Trip Planner, ensuring that you and your clients have all the necessary details at your fingertips.

Before you embark on creating unforgettable holiday experiences, it’s essential to lay the groundwork by setting up your product data. This foundational step allows you to seamlessly manage holiday enquiries and construct tailor-made travel itineraries that delight your clients.

Ready to dive deeper into the world of Sugati Travel Product Data to produce beautiful tailor-made travel itineraries?

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